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Todimin® - Pangamic acid, Vitamin B15

22.07.2019 11:18:48
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Specifications Todimin® - Pangamic acid, Vitamin B15

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Description Todimin® - Pangamic acid, Vitamin B15

Todimin is an effective, safe, lipotropic agent tested in numerous clinics. With proper reception:

- stimulation of tissue oxidative metabolism occurs;

- lipid and cholesterol metabolism becomes normal;

- stimulation of fat mobilization from the liver is performed.

The drug is endowed with detoxifying abilities: it blocks the work of toxins, removes them from the body, which will wonderfully help with smoking, taking alcohol, caffeine. The main field of application means - cardiovascular diseases. In 90% of patients taking Todimin, a positive result was observed. Impressive. Is not it?

One pack contains 60 capsules of pangamic acid (vitamin B15), each 50 mg. The drug was registered and produced in Moldova by the company TODICAMP SRL.

The action of the drug "Todimin":

  • actively nourishes the cells with oxygen and improves the "respiration" of tissues;
  • removes slags and decomposition products;
  • prevents liver tissue from degenerating into fat;
  • stimulates the production of the hormone adrenal glands;
  • cleans the blood;
  • blocks craving for alcohol;
  • prevents cirrhosis of the liver.

B15 not only protects the liver, protects against obesity, improves blood counts, but also perfectly affects the complex:

  • corrects lipid metabolism and stimulates the synthesis of hormones;
  • eliminates migraines, headaches;
  • at the cellular level regulates protein metabolism;
  • quickly updates cells;
  • provides prevention of spasms of blood vessels and muscles, gives the body tone;
  • normalizes pressure;
  • inhibits allergies and strengthens the immune system;
  • helps to recover after treatment;
  • increases the efficiency and activity of the person;
  • struggling with vitamin deficiency.

The antitoxic effect of this remedy makes it simply indispensable for poisoning, including alcohol poisoning.

Pangamic acid is good for the body. Todia can be used with any diet, its use does not bring harm. It is recommended to increase the dose in the treatment of chronic colds, pneumonia, respiratory diseases, atherosclerosis as well as damage to the brain arteries, rheumatism, hepatitis, reduction of coronary blood flow, dermatoses and diseases of the target organs, that is, heart, kidney, brain, blood vessels, fundus.

Vitamin cures serious pathologies, such as CVD, diseases of the liver and the musculoskeletal system, helps with oncology. Also, supplements with B15 are used to enhance the effects of drugs, useful during the passage of radiation therapy and taking antibiotics.

The interaction of B15 with drugs. Todimine can be drunk at the same time with all medications. Depending on the disease, it can be a combination:

- with vitamin C there is an enhancement of the antioxidant effect;

- with B17 - synergistic effect in immunotherapy;

- with tetracycline group drugs - prevention of side effects;

- with beta carotene - increased pharmacological action.

Todimin take when:

  • regular fatigue without apparent causes, depression and decreased performance.
  • irritable and nervous behavior, sudden changes in mood.
  • negative changes in the skin condition (irritation, rash, dryness).
  • violations of thyroid function (drowsiness, lethargy, etc.).

Todimin in alcoholism: reducing craving for alcohol, saves hangover syndrome, protects cells, removes toxic substances, nourishes tissues, expands blood vessels.

Todimin for the heart. Enriches tissue and blood with oxygen, which improves the cardiovascular system. It is good to use for the prevention of myocardium, the treatment of atherosclerosis and hypertension, for the purpose of rehabilitation after a stroke, heart attack. Vitamin excellent effect in angina and inflammatory process.

Todimin for neurology. Prevents seizures, epilepsy and hysteria, reduces the likelihood of hydrocephalus.

Todimin for liver. Therapy of liver pathologies with Todimin demonstrates excellent performance in simple and serious diseases. B15 is a strong antioxidant that increases creatine levels, normalizes globulins, protects against obesity and increases the amount of albumin in the blood.

Todimin with diabetes. The disease develops against the background of a strong deficit and the rapid collapse of B15. As soon as you eliminate its shortage, the body will begin to fight independently with diabetes and prolong the life cycle.

Todimin for oncologists. Acid is endowed with the ability to transfer the affected tissue and mutated cells into a state of remission, and can even block metastasis. Regular intake of this vitamin helps healthy cells to fight at an accelerated rate with cancer, successfully supports the immune system.

Contraindications Todimin. Carefully take with glaucoma, severe hypertension and with intensive vitamin therapy. The rest of the contraindications are absent, as the drug has excellent biological compatibility.

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